tuesday. july 3rd, 10:15am

Have a peek at this young lady’s thoughts – fantastic, smooth style of writing. Something you should look for when hiring…

Coco J. Ginger Says

Sitting outside Michael Dell’s house. I’m hoping his brilliant brain cells bounce across his pond and land in my skull. Straddled over a wooden picnic table-journal in hand, toes squished into the morning sand. This is my carefree, this is my freedom–this is MY HAPPY. Lazy sea turtle stares at me through one sleepy eye–his appearance is one of  a quirky egotistical nobleman.  He knows what I’m up to– we have an understanding. Bright white capricious tree swerves around me,  lounge-chair-ish, climbable branches. I can barely sit still to write.

How long is that lazy turtle going to sleep..?  I didn’t sleep enough last night. It’s  10:15am. Missed my early perfect pretty morning.  I’m a morning girl. A morning girl who’s a night-girl, a girl who sometimes forgets to sleep at all-girl. YET, nothing matters here in Kona-land. Kona is my perfect piece of earth, my peace, my ecstasy, my…

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2 thoughts on “tuesday. july 3rd, 10:15am

  1. hey thank you so much for your kind words. i really appreciate it. xoxo

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